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AI-Apps for lawyers

Legal work requires a lot of experience and, above all, precision: all legally effective documents that are sent to clients or clients must be in perfect form. Small mistakes could have a big impact.

Can you even trust an AI here?

📈 Over time, many standardized letters are developed, which have to be supplemented with as few individual details as possible. Here, an AI is the ideal solution, because it can fill out many letters at once in seconds and, if desired, also send/save/print them out.

📈 Typos or 'misclicks' tend to be mistakes made by humans and these can sometimes lead to big problems, but in any case to more work. An AI can act as a quality check here.

📈 The AI ​​increases efficiency by up to 63% and thus ensures immense time savings. Employees can focus more intensively on individual problems that are not so easy to automate.

Important: The results of our AI are always comprehensible, and the final authority for checking, optimizing, and processing is the user. The AI ​​relies on interaction, not on ready-made results.

📌 Reduce the error rate and increase efficiency.

Would that be something for you?


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