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AI in industrial production

In automated production processes in industry, it is important that there is constant communication between all devices. The so-called Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) uses artificial intelligence to ensure smooth communication between all systems involved and monitors their performance, functionality and utilization.

🔧 The machines and sensors communicate with each other, interfaces between the producing machines and the AI-controlled software are crucial for error detection and optimization.

🔧 The most important task of the software is to monitor a smooth production process. This is guaranteed, among other things, by constant analysis of all incoming data via the IIoT. For example, if sensors record unusual deviations, the parameters can be adjusted or a warning issued.

🔧 A maintenance requirement can also be determined if critical anomalies are discovered. The AI ​​software thus prevents serious damage or excessive wear on the machines - the service life increases.

👉 The AI ​​is at the center of all networked devices such as sensors, instruments and all other interfaces.

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