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How avoidable are mistakes?

Depending on their impact, mistakes can at the very least become annoying or even very expensive. Time and other resources must be expended to repair them. Is AI ahead of humans on this point?

💡 A 0% quota is difficult to guarantee in any case - whether for humans or AI. It depends very much on how intensively the artificial intelligence was trained and how standardized the tasks are.

💡 In processes that have to be processed thousands of times every day, the error rate is steadily decreasing and is quickly below that of humans. When it comes to individual processes, however, the human brain is still clearly ahead.

👉 Processing efficiency is just as important as a low error rate. By the time the form is taken from the stack, the artificial intelligence has already filled out a large number of them. A relief for your employees and of course also a good measure to cushion the shortage of skilled workers.

Do you spend a lot of resources because of individual mistakes?


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