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Industry 4.0 has started. What is needed?

The desire for nationwide, fast Internet is not new and it is slowly becoming a reality. With this and with new technology, there are many opportunities for change.

🤖 The IIoT already allows a large number of machines to communicate with each other and thus creates large amounts of data in a short time.

📌 This is where the possibilities of AI come to the fore. Large amounts of data that repeat over and over again and show the same patterns. This allows analyzes and subsequent visualizations to be created for specialist staff.

💡 A complete monitoring of the production processes is possible and, above all, the detection of sources of error. Deviations from the norm are interpreted and issued as warnings.

❗ The goal is a longer service life of machines, as well as timely and predictable maintenance. This is accompanied by a lower failure rate, which is the worst case of any production process, especially if it is not planned.

Industry 4.0 is faster, more precise and more digital.

Do you always have a complete overview of your production processes?


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