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Multimedia access

In today's world, ubiquitous availability is a measure and requirement for the quality of products and services. It is also easy to implement, especially in the digital and automated area.

📌 Thanks to new working models such as 'remote work', the place and time are often no longer (exactly) specified by the employer. Access to the system at any time and from any location is therefore important.

📌 Whether in the home office or on a business trip, a professional and well-equipped DMS is always ready to record and submit data sets - whether from a smartphone, laptop or PC.

📌 You can use these cross-platform solutions safely on the train or as a passenger in the car and you don't have to do without high performance of the DMS. When your ways of working diversify, your DMS is ready for it.

👉 We are happy to adapt your solution for these (future) tasks and also initialize the functionality of our AI solution for improved sorting and search functions within the DMS.

❕ From anywhere, at any time and efficiently in data access!

Is your work system ubiquitously available and performant?


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