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New Work

New Work is more than a trend! It is particularly popular with start-ups to use new working methods. There are now many companies that work completely digitally.

This takes a little more time in grown structures, but what are the most important requirements for the new working models?

💡 Remote work is particularly interesting. Whether from your own four walls or from your holiday home in the mountains, all you need for work is an internet connection.

🔒 A burning issue is security. Of course, you want to avoid data theft or manipulation. Encryption, certified business clouds and tested solution providers should be the first choice here.

🔋 In addition, high availability is elementary for new working models. As a rule of thumb, you can say that the systems should be available at least as much in terms of time as your own systems in the office.

⛓ This is related to the stability of the processes, because instability leads to longer processing times and possibly also failures.

Are you already implementing New Work models?


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