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Office work – a dying phenomenon?

For many decades, large office buildings were the status quo and millions still commute to work every day.

📌 But is that still up to date? You leave your home, where you have a good internet connection and a PC, to drive to an office that has the same requirements. Of course there are always exceptions, but many of today's office activities could be designed as remote work.

🌎 Sustainability is a big topic, because the energy consumption of a large office building alone is immense. Of course, employees also consume energy within their own four walls, but only the additional energy that is required for work is decisive. The commute itself, on the other hand, falls back 100% on being in the office.

🏠 In addition, areas are saved that could be converted, for example for more living space. Much less space is required for employees who actually have to be present, for example for direct customer contact.

What percentage of your employees could work remotely?


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