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Standards are Germany's greatest advantage!

At least that applies to the application of AI and machine learning. Standards and norms specify parameters that must be observed. For the AI, these are simply patterns that keep appearing in different formats.

💡 Depending on which standard it is, the AI ​​can learn the pattern and also distinguish it from other standards. Learning is not difficult as there are so many example patterns to feed into the lesson.

❕ The more common a standard is, the more precisely an AI can recognize it, distinguish it from others and even apply it. For example, if you are filling out or reading in standardized documents, data can be read out as well as entered.

👉 In addition, of course, it helps to put the documents in the right 'shelf' and to provide them with appropriate search terms so that they can be found again quickly.

Standards are great, for humans and AI! 👍

Do you use a lot of standard documents?


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