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NorCom makes DaSense usable on the latest Microsoft Azure technology


NorCom Information Technology GmbH & Co. KGaA has successfully completed the integration of DaSense with Microsoft Azure Databricks. This means that NorCom customers and DaSense users can now benefit internationally from the advantages of the latest cloud generation: quick access and easy use of hundreds of computers for analyzes without wasting time and, unlike before, without holding costs.


Daimler AG is the first customer to use the cloud-compatible version of DaSense as part of its "eXtollo" cloud environment, which is based on Microsoft Azure. This clears the way for international, cloud-based projects with DaSense.


"The cloud capability of NorCom Big Data software products is the central topic in 2019, because our enterprise customers are reaching their limits when analyzing the huge amounts of data that are now produced in the automotive development process with the previous on-premise solutions. With the porting to Microsoft Azure, DaSense now offers its customers access to the advantages of a cloud environment, ”explains Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Managing Director of NorCom.


The hurdles when using big data evaluations are significantly reduced in the current cloud generation: There are no initial investments in large computer networks due to the provision of the data to be evaluated and the associated technology via the cloud. The system automatically provides the developer with the resources necessary for his analyzes as well as a minute-by-minute billing for their use. Although this means an immense acceleration of work processes, these advantages can be achieved cost-neutrally via the cloud.

The billing model does not change for applications such as DaSense, which are obtained via the cloud: DaSense will continue to be licensed on the basis of the analyzed data volumes.


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