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Our apps bring AI into every step of the process.

Das können KI-Apps

KI-Apps, oder Künstliche-Intelligenz-Anwendungen, sind Anwendungen oder Softwareprogramme, die künstliche Intelligenz (KI) und maschinelles Lernen nutzen, um spezifische Aufgaben auszuführen oder Funktionen zu verbessern. Diese Apps integrieren fortschrittliche Algorithmen und Modelle, die es ihnen ermöglichen, Muster zu erkennen, Entscheidungen zu treffen, natürliche Sprache zu verstehen, Probleme zu lösen und sich im Laufe der Zeit zu verbessern.

Unsere Standard KI-Apps in DaSense unterstützen beim Input Management, bei der Datanabfrage und der Textgenerierung.

Standard apps in DaSense.
DaSense App Store.png

With the AI platform DaSense you get proven standard apps included for immediate use.

These apps map processes and activities in document management or data analysis that occur very frequently and are relevant across companies and industries.

The apps are tried and tested and work with your data securely and in accordance with your IT security guidelines.

This means you can quickly start using AI and use AI in your work practice beyond your individual use case.

Develop AI apps yourself.


Easily create your own app on DaSense with our AI app development kit.

DaSense enables the secure use of state-of-the-art open source components for any company-owned code.

Through a sophisticated go-live concept and the possibility of app creation, DaSense overcomes the hurdle between proof-of-concept and the transfer of AI models into business processes.

Individual AI can be used quickly and easily company-wide via apps!


Individual AI development.png

→ DaSense Suite as an integrated AI development environment:

Optimized AI integration for data scientists, seamless connection to data management

→ Training on your own company data:

AI apps become experts for the company and have specialist knowledge

→ Apps ready for immediate use:

New apps appear ready for use in data management, company-wide

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