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DaSense in action for automated driving


The robot car test region ALP.Lab starts its actual operation and has chosen DaSense as big data analysis software for its public and private test tracks. DaSense has been evaluated there for test purposes since the start of the development phase of ALP.Lab 2017. The license assignment that has now taken place for real operation is proof of the high quality and performance of the NorCom software. A fixed base amount and a variable that is based on the volume of data analyzed is remunerated.


ALP.Lab is an association of automotive suppliers (AVL, Magna) and scientific partners (Joanneum Research, TU Graz, Virtual Vehicle) who have launched a test region for autonomous driving in Austria under this name. At ALP.Lab, automobile manufacturers will find a digital continuous test chain for testing their autonomous vehicles. The center provides a comprehensive data & cloud service that records, merges, analyzes and processes real collected data. Based on this data, test scenarios are simulated and the vehicles trained accordingly.

The central component for the analysis and evaluation of the data generated within the framework of this system is DaSense.


“The ALP.Lab project has set itself the task of testing and verifying components and systems of automated driving in various and complex scenarios. DaSense is now used permanently in this test environment. For us, the project is strategically very relevant for two reasons, ”explains Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Managing Director of NorCom. “On the one hand, the operational handling of the project is being carried out purely through our partner AVL for the first time. On the other hand, we find a unique test laboratory in the comprehensive virtual environment of ALP.Lab, which will provide us with exciting findings for the further development of DaSense. "


The focus of the test region ALP.Lab is on the challenges of alpine driving environments such as mountain passes, wintry roads and tunnels. In cooperation with ASFINAG, the A2 motorway between Graz-West and Laßnitzhöhe is available as a public test route in an initial implementation phase. Further motorway sections as well as sections in the city of Graz are in the planning and preparation.


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