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With EAGLE, NorCom offers efficient expansion of existing home office solutions /

Free test phase for the whole of 2020


The big data platform EAGLE offers companies an uncomplicated way to expand the capacities of their existing home office solution. For this purpose, EAGLE is connected to the solution currently used in the company. Familiar views and work processes for the employees are retained - however, valuable additional functions can be used via EAGLE.

NorCom will offer the connection of EAGLE free of charge until the end of 2020. This gives companies the opportunity to test EAGLE in practice over the long term without having to make an investment.

EAGLE - document management with big data and AI technology

EAGLE is the leading big data platform for cross-team collaboration and AI-supported knowledge management. Access is web-based with a very low network load.

The functions at a glance:

  • Browse, open, edit and share files quickly and securely

  • File preview and project-specific file storage

  • Auto-suggestion and correction

  • Low-threshold, motivating exchange in the team through integrated social media functions such as comments, chats, etc.

  • Advanced search and preview options

  • Maximum security for data transmission and authentication.

  • Integrated analysis modules

  • Document lifecycle automations

  • AI methods, including information extraction ("Give me the purchase price from all documents"), image-to-text conversion ("Read the text contained in my scan or cell phone picture").

EAGLE complements the existing company solution

EAGLE does not replace the existing system, but complements it. The integration is seamless.

The advantage: Access to the existing file server in the familiar view remains for the employee, there are no friction losses during familiarization. The functions of EAGLE are also made available to the employee via web access. So everyone can decide individually how intensively they want to use the support from EAGLE.

EAGLE has been tried and tested in practice

The first version of the EAGLE big data solution was developed together with the automobile manufacturer Audi and designed for several million documents. The resilience of more than ten thousand parallel accesses was checked by various tests and appropriate measures were taken so that the system can withstand many accesses without restrictions. In this way, the load on the file server can be shielded and perfect access to company data can be ensured.

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