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Smooth move to the home office with EAGLE: NorCom offers a free annual EAGLE license

March 16, 2020

NorCom Information Technology GmbH & Co. KGaA offers companies that are faced with the challenge of enabling a large number of employees to work from home a free EAGLE license for 2020. An executable EAGLE installation can be installed in the company's own data center by NorCom within three days and ready to use.

EAGLE is the leading big data platform for cross-team collaboration and AI-supported knowledge management. It offers distributed teams access to company data and documents via an encrypted and secure web interface. In contrast to using the usual network drives, the extended search and preview options of EAGLE result in a lower network load. This reduces the immensely increasing load on the Internet connection and VPN technology quickly and efficiently.

"The currently required rapid and large-scale conversion to home office poses acute challenges for companies: networks and technology must function reliably and the security of transmitted data must be guaranteed," explains Nicolas Zick, Business Developer at NorCom be forgotten: A low-threshold, motivating exchange between employees must be made easy for successful cooperation. "

"EAGLE is powerful software that solves precisely these challenges," continues Zick. “In order to make it easier for companies to make a decision against the background of the current crisis, we are now offering the annual license for 2020 free of charge. The NorCom operations team installs an executable EAGLE installation in your company's data center within three days. "

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