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Company-wide measurement data analysis in the cloud


With the DaSense Web Apps, NorCom bridges the gap between IT and specialist departments in companies. Efficient measurement data analyzes in companies require close cooperation between the two departments - but different worlds often collide: IT departments are interested in smooth technical solutions and their optimization, maintainability and compliance with security requirements, specialist departments primarily evaluate applications according to their direct practical benefit. The use of DaSense Web Apps meets both requirements: Web apps are state-of-the-art, easy to create and natively cloud-capable; thanks to the clear input mask, they can be used quickly and effectively for users.

In the automotive industry, data volumes and diversity are increasing sharply with new fields of development, information from heterogeneous documents and data from different specialist disciplines must be reliably recorded, merged and evaluated. The scalability, efficiency and reliability of these data-driven processes and tools are decisive for the achievement of technical development goals and commercial market success of the developed vehicle. In order to meet the technical requirements, most companies have moved their IT operations - at least partially - to the cloud. The advantages of the cloud are obvious: It enables cost reductions, flexibility, scalability and security. In addition to these many advantages, relocating IT operations to the cloud also brings challenges: Migration and development of new big data analytics use cases in the cloud are challenging - there is a gap between development and production of the interactive analysis . NorCom solves this problem in DaSense with the web apps.

Fast and easy from development to production: the interactive analysis becomes a web app

The algorithm for an interactive analysis is typically initially programmed in a notebook. DaSense automatically converts this notebook into a web app. These web apps enable engineers and technicians in the specialist departments to easily use big data analysis tools - without the need for cloud engineering.

A clear input mask guides the user when entering his parameters, specific to the application. In this way, Big Data analysis can be used flexibly and reproducibly across the company. In addition, it is also possible to link several apps to form a powerful, complete pipeline.

Possible use cases for apps and app pipelines are, for example, data management and standard monitoring of vehicle endurance tests, search for anomalies in measurement data and subsequent root-cause analysis, specialist diagnostic statistical data analyzes, error management and predictive maintenance as well as utilization of machine learning / deep learning.

The advantages of the web apps at a glance

  • Web apps are platform-independent and freely accessible to all end users, even without DaSense and without special IT knowledge - except for filling an app input mask.

  • DaSense offers an interactive development environment for web apps based on notebooks in which the analytics use case is developed (locally, on site or in the cloud)

  • DaSense easily converts a notebook into a web app. This includes standard front-end components, templates for input and output, parameter analysis, automatic provisioning of a rest API per app and much more

  • Apps can be connected to pipelines in order to implement generic, complex and - compared to monolithic all-in-one implementations - easier to maintain analysis processes.

  • The migration to productive use of individual analytics steps does not have to take place all at once, but can be done app by app

  • Web apps can easily be moved to other environments

  • All apps can connect to your favorite cloud services (e.g. Data Lake or Spark Computing Resources)

  • User Management: Simply connect your app to the cloud's Active Directory


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