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NorCom is awarded the contract to participate in a consortium in the international "ASIMOV" funding project



As part of the international ITEA project “ASIMOV”, NorCom has received funding from the German project sponsor for the next three years. The work of the national consortium supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is the development and practical application of methods of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twins for the development and testing of cyber-physical systems. The expected scope of the project for NorCom is in the six-digit range, the total volume of the project is just under EUR 10 million.

ASIMOV stands for AI training using Simulated Instruments for Machine Optimization and Verification. The aim of the international project is to implement adjustments in cyber-physical systems more easily and reliably with the help of AI and digital twins. The technology is intended to help shorten the development time of new systems and enable standardized and resource-saving development. This is particularly important for proof of security. In addition to Germany, the Netherlands and Finland are participating in the project.

The German consortium of the ASIMOV project is investigating issues relating to the use of AI in the development and testing of highly automated vehicles as part of an application on the subject of “highly automated commercial vehicles”. The tasks of NorCom include the development of architecture, methods and AI framework for model training and synchronization so that the training of innovative AI algorithms with digital twins can be used in industrial practice. Other German partners besides NorCom are AVL, LiangDao, OFFIS, RA Consulting and TrianGraphics.

"We are very pleased about the selection and inclusion of NorCom in the ASIMOV consortium and the opportunity to advance and shape the project with our expertise and professional orientation," comments Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Managing Director of NorCom. "The development of practice-relevant AI methodology in the context of digital twinning and ADAS / automated driving fits perfectly with the orientation of NorCom and opens up many exciting points of contact with regard to related business areas such as IIoT or production - both in the area of ​​our services and our product development."

The national project ASIMOV is part of the “highTechStrategie 2025 (HTS 2025)” initiative of the federal government and will start in the third quarter.

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