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Progressive development of the legal tech area results in a change in the NorCom supervisory board



With the ongoing development of DaSense for use in the legal tech area, NorCom is starting a broad-based sales offensive at large law firms in Germany. This also includes the law firm Noerr Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB, where NorCom supervisory board member Prof. Dr. Peter Bräutigam is partner. To avoid possible conflicts of interest in a project cooperation, the latter resigns from his position early by the end of this year's general meeting. Liliana Nordbakk will stand for election in his place.


DaSense as specialized software for legal tech

For over a year, NorCom has been working on the further development of DaSense for defined core sectors such as automotive & industry, public institutions, legal, insurance / finance and real estate. In the legal area, NorCom was able to start pilot projects very early and the functions of DaSense for this area of ​​application have already advanced accordingly.


"With DaSense we are leaving the pilot phase in the Legal Tech area and now want to concentrate more on sales and acquiring new customers," Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Managing Director at NorCom, explains the status quo. “We currently see a great need for a solution like DaSense, as many central activities can currently only be carried out manually and with considerable expenditure of time and personnel - support from artificial intelligence is becoming a decisive success factor. Therefore, we will address the major law firms in Germany in the next few weeks and present DaSense. "


One of these large law firms is Noerr, where NorCom supervisory board member Prof. Dr. Peter Bräutigam is partner. To avoid possible conflicts of interest and not to stand in the way of a cooperation between Noerr and NorCom, he is stepping down prematurely with the end of the NorCom general meeting on December 10th.


“In my work as a member of the supervisory board in the last two years, I also had the opportunity to get to know NorCom and the DaSense software well. I am convinced that DaSense is a very capable AI solution that can solve current challenges in the industry,” explains Prof. Dr. Peter Bräutigam his decision. “I would therefore be very happy to be able to use DaSense in my day-to-day work as a lawyer in the future. In no way do I want to stand in the way of a possible cooperation due to being member of the supervisory board. The resignation of my mandate is not intended to mark the end of the collaboration with NorCom, but rather to clear the way for new projects. "


Liliana Nordbakk is to follow on to the supervisory board

As the successor to Prof. Dr. Bräutigam Liliana Nordbakk will stand for election at this year's NorCom general meeting. Ms. Nordbakk was a founding member of NorCom, worked for the company as CFO for fifteen years and was responsible for the expansion strategy. After leaving NorCom, she settled professionally in Silicon Valley, USA. There she works closely with venture capital firms through her company Motke Capital LLC and belongs to the “Band of Angels” network. Motke Capital gives small and medium-sized technology companies from Germany access to American venture capital and thus gives them the opportunity to participate effectively in the US market. With her experience, Liliana Nordbakk can also support the NorCom supervisory board as an expert in the field of accounting, as required by law.

For Liliana Nordbakk, it would be her second term as a member of the NorCom supervisory board: she was the company's chairwoman of the supervisory board from June 2014 to September 2019.


The members of the supervisory board and the management thank Prof. Dr. Bräutigam for the always very good cooperation and his commitment to the company.


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