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NorCom offers an AI platform for digitizing industrial processes


With DaSense IIoT, NorCom offers a central AI platform for controlling, monitoring and managing production processes in industrial groups. DaSense IIoT takes over AI ​​control of production systems and networks all machines and sensors involved as well as the controlling software. Incoming data is recorded, analyzed, and related, thus enabling intelligent processes. DaSense IIoT automates smooth communication between the systems and monitors their performance, functionality, and utilization throughout the lifecycle.


Ideal industrial processes through automation

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) focuses on industrial processes and procedures. The use of IIoT aims to enable operational efficiencies, reduced production costs and faster, smoother processes. In practice, however, missing standards and manufacturer-specific protocols often cause problems - IIoT devices from different manufacturers are not compatible then. There are also expenses for the accumulating amounts of data: These must be processed, analyzed, backed up and stored.


DaSense IIoT is an AI platform that connects all machines, systems and software involved in production and enables the smooth exchange of information and the targeted processing of data.


On the one hand, DaSense IIoT translates the respective protocols of the connected systems and ensures that orders are carried out correctly and possible system failures are recognized early or that the required material is available in good time. On the other hand, DaSense IIoT analyzes the collected data and makes it available via an interactive dashboard. In this way, management receives a real-time overview of the utilization of the systems and recognizes potential for optimization, even across plants.


"DaSense integrates completely different domains on one AI platform," explains Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Managing Director at NorCom. "The topics of predictive machine maintenance, production planning and logistics, quality and development as well as warranty and liability are bundled on DaSense and can be controlled centrally."


Intelligent networking of different systems

The central software tools involved in production that are connected to DaSense include resource planning tools that plan, control, and manage capital, personnel, operating resources and materials in good time and as required. This also includes systems for material control, which carry out the purchase of spare parts, and so-called Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). MES is a computer-aided system that is used for active and operative production control. MES systems work in real time and enable active control of several elements of the production process.


To do justice to the individual machine landscape of a company, DaSense is available as a modular system. Every company produces differently and can put together the right DaSense IIoT components.


"A consistent, end-to-end implementation of IIoT brings many advantages: In addition to greater efficiency and reliability, this also includes the development of new business areas and the flexible adaptation of operating processes," emphasizes Abthoff. "In this way, for example, individual products or small quantities can also be produced at reasonable prices, which was previously only possible with an immense amount of work and therefore at high prices."


Monitoring of data for optimal utilization

In addition to controlling production, the AI ​​technology in DaSense evaluates all production data. The results are visualized via an interactive, individually configurable dashboard - data can also be displayed here across plants. From the processed data, management can derive recommendations for action, for example to achieve optimal utilization of the machines, or identify opportunities for further optimization potential.


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