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NorCom offers DaSense as an open source solution for authorities


With DaSense Community Open Source (DaSense COS), NorCom offers public authorities a solution for the implementation of the digitization desired by politics. Under the name DaSense COS, public administrations receive the artificial intelligence (AI) platform DaSense for the automation of time-consuming work processes free of charge. Individual further development can benefit all authorities in the sense of the community model. NorCom wants to implement the community model together with partners and, in addition to coordination, is also responsible for further developments, maintenance, service and support.


Implement the digitization of public administration together

At the presentation of the new government program, Finance Minister Christian Lindner promised to digitize the state. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser wants to make significantly more administrative services digitally available by 2025 - more than 10,000 decentralized registers at authorities are to be modernized and networked. And Andrea Nahles, CEO of the Federal Employment Agency, calls for a decade of automation and the use of artificial intelligence. The thrust is clear, but a target-oriented implementation is still open.


With the first step of the partial automation of processes in authorities, flexible, efficient and comprehensive. DaSense is a proven solution for digitizing document-based work processes. Existing IT systems and software can be fully connected. Proven processes within the authority are mapped in individual AI apps and thus retained.


"The digitization of the German authorities landscape is a mammoth task - and it makes sense to tackle this project together from the start," explains Dr. Tobias Abthoff the community idea. “With the open source version of DaSense, we want to achieve rapid, comprehensive use of DaSense as a common platform. So everyone who joins the community can benefit from improvements and further developments.”



Digital sovereignty of authorities is preserved

The model has many advantages for authorities. DaSense is a turnkey, industry-proven solution that can be up and running within days.

Authorities receive the rights to unlimited use and further development of the software free of charge. The digital sovereignty of the authorities is also preserved, since the authority over the licensing rights of DaSense lies with the authority.

DaSense is a unified AI platform for everyone who joins the community. Improvements and further development can take place across the board. Authorities do not have to share their individual applications, but can do so and thus benefit from each other's acquired knowledge. Because the authorities jointly benefit from the further development, there are no isolated solutions, but the digitization of the German administration is progressing cooperatively.



Open Source as NorCom's business model

The philosophy behind the term open source is that software is better when it is shared and modified by a large group of users, when it is open and collaborative. The aim of the open source business model is therefore to first create a wide distribution of the software and the largest possible community. NorCom, as the initiator, will coordinate this project together with partner companies. NorCom is currently in talks with companies that could be potential partners - other interested parties are invited to contact NorCom.


On the basis of the open source, NorCom offers services together with its partners, such as individual development services, training, technical support and advice. Due to the concept of DaSense - generic platform

in connection with individual AI apps - the paid services result in significant sales opportunities.



Our marketing team will be happy to help with any questions!


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