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DaSense Quarterly Update: New AI apps for intelligent document management


In the first quarter of 2023, new, innovative artificial intelligence (AI) apps were created in DaSense that support users in managing and checking documents intelligently and efficiently: various apps for named entity recognition (NER), recognition apps, the Summary app, and the Keywords app.


The DaSense app philosophy

DaSense is a powerful AI platform for comprehensive data and document management. All company's data is bundled on DaSense and made available for artificial intelligence applications. Specific specialist know-how can be mapped to DaSense using any number of AI apps.


For the mapping of individual business processes, DaSense provides an interactive development environment in which the applications can be adapted by the user in self-service. There, you can also create your own highly individual AI modules with standard technologies and simply transfer them to use as a new application.


The basic equipment of DaSense includes various standard AI apps that enable AI-supported work with documents. The included apps enable immediate information gain from documents, without development effort. These apps are accessible via the integrated app store, which NorCom fills every quarter. In this, users will now find some new apps.


New AI apps map specific work processes and applications


• The NER Apps make it easy to quickly find important information such as names, places, and organizations in large amounts of text. Named entities are automatically recognized and categorized, and their relationships are also displayed in a visualization.


• The Recognition Apps optimize document management by automatically recognizing related documents, including emails and their attachments, as well as duplicates.


• The Summary App automatically generates short summaries of long documents to get an instant overview of their content and relevance.


• The Keywords App provides a quick overview of important topics by automatically identifying and extracting keywords from documents - as word cloud or ranking.



Test new apps free of charge and without obligation

Interested parties can test DaSense and the new apps without obligation and free of charge. With a simple e-mail login, NorCom can activate users for the test version. The log-in link can be requested here:



Our marketing team will be happy to help with any questions!


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