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Architecture consulting for a big data & deep learning infrastructure

The task

The customer explored the possibilities of new IT technologies in various proof of concepts. As part of a go-live, it should now be determined how the resulting IT infrastructure is to be expanded.


The challenge

Requirements to be considered are:

  • The hardware structure and the technology selection should be very flexible and be suitable for many different use cases, such as big data evaluation, simulation, SIL, HIL, etc.

  • The data management concept must enable secure and traceable management over the life of the data, from receipt to archiving.

  • For users, the complexity of the infrastructure must be easy and transparent to use, without losing flexibility, speed of innovation or IT security


our solution

The requirements were discussed with the customer and the use cases to be covered were discussed in workshops. Since an infrastructure based on Hadoop has established itself as the industry standard, this served as the starting point for the consulting service. This was worked out in a concept with suggestions and instructions for implementation.


The customer benefit

NorCom objectively assessed the existing infrastructure and made clear recommendations for converting it into a viable future solution. Thanks to specific specifications for measuring requirements, the customer now has a data-driven basis for making decisions about the planned investments.



Our role

  • architect

Our activities

  • Requirements recording in workshops

  • Consulting on hardware, technology, data life cycle management and application layers / algorithms

  • Concept creation with recommendations for action

Technologies & methods

  • Applications: Hadoop

  • Databases: NoSQL, SQL

  • Languages / Frameworks: Hadoop

  • Methods: Advanced Analytics, Deep Learning

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