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With DaSense, NorCom supports Big Data project in China


NorCom Information Technology AG delivers its Big Data analysis software DaSense to the BMW Technology Office China. DaSense is to be used for a research project in Shanghai. The aim is to record the behavior of Chinese drivers. The results should provide information about the specific demands of the target group on vehicles.

"Our DaSense solution is also suitable for individual projects with specific questions. After installation, our software can quickly and efficiently provide valid data as a further basis for work," comments Dr. Tobias Abthoff, board member of NorCom Information Technology AG.

About DaSense
DaSense is an extremely high-performance, open development platform that can be used for a wide variety of big data projects. It serves the safety and production standards of large companies.

In addition to the "on-premise" installation of DaSense, NorCom also offers services "as a service" in the cloud. New customers can simply use the intelligent product without having to make large initial investments. Existing customers can quickly scale existing installations worldwide.

NorCom offers DaSense test access via Microsoft Azure as a cloud solution. Test data can be uploaded via a secure access and analyzed with DaSense (contact )


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