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NorCom expands DaSense with a deep learning module

March 19, 2019

NorCom is expanding its Big Data Analysis Software DaSense with a compact new application: The DaSense Deep Learning module bundles the work steps that are necessary for intelligent machine and deep learning, and it enables easy handling using an integrated app.

The DaSense Deep Learning module has been installed at a German OEM since the beginning of the month and is used in the field of autonomous driving. The application is used to train neural networks for autonomous driving at various locations around the world.


Deep learning in five steps

The DaSense Deep Learning module packages the complex deep learning workflow into a few, defined steps. This leads to a simple and fast workflow without any breaks.

First of all, a new neural network is developed locally for the specific application and tested with little data to ensure that it can run correctly. Together with the necessary training parameters, an experiment is created from this and packaged in a deep learning app. The Deep Learning App sends the training code to all available clusters, worldwide if required. This enables the training courses to be carried out in parallel - locally or in the cloud. Finally, the results are collected, evaluated and the model improved accordingly. A new training cycle can begin.

The user can track the status and execution times of deep learning jobs, resource usage and the intelligent distribution of the workload online at any time and intervene in the process at any time.


"The DaSense Deep Learning module enables a very powerful and fast iteration and improvement cycle, since the training of the models is carried out as distributed jobs on all available clusters in parallel," explains Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Managing Director at NorCom. “Especially with a large project, DaSense can fully exploit its advantages: The fast processing of large amounts of data, regardless of location. The deep learning topic is also one of the most exciting things the market currently has to offer - and we look forward to being able to work on it together with a well-known company. "


Independent use possible

The deep learning module is not necessarily linked to a DaSense installation, but can also be used as a stand-alone application. It integrates big data technologies with proven NorCom technology for scalability and security when processing very large amounts of data and thus enables the successful training of neural networks. The deep learning module can be seamlessly integrated into an existing DaSense installation.


About DaSense

The DaSense technology developed by NorCom analyzes and manages complex, heterogeneous, semi-structured and highly proprietary data specializing in technical features and challenges in the automotive industry. So far, the software has mainly been used in research and development. The field of application of DaSense extends over the entire current and future product range of an automobile manufacturer: Processing, management and analysis of data can be carried out via DaSense for classic drive concepts via hybrid and electric cars to autonomous vehicles.


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