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NorCom Info Tech OnVista Chart
OnVista – mehr Informationen zur Aktie NorCom Info Tech

10. November 2017 - 

 In the first nine months of the current fiscal year, NorCom Information Technology AG posted total revenues of EUR 10.2 million (2016: EUR 12.8 million). At the end of the third quarter, EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) amounted to 1.1 million euros (2016: 1.1 million euros).

24. October 2017 - 

NorCom presents itself and DaSense at the Daimler Big Data Info Days.
The event is aimed at interested employees of the automotive group and will take place on 26.10. in Fellbach near Stuttgart.
NorCom is represented with two lectures and a booth. Dr. Tilmann Piffl talks about "DaSense3 - Big Data Science in Production" , Dr. Tobias Abthoff talks about "Deep Learning on Hadoop".

15. October 2017 - 

NorCom Executive Board member Dr. Tobias Abthoff is speaker at the 8th Conference Driver Assistance in Munich from 22.-23. November. Discussed will be the introduction of highly automated driving and the challenges
it brings as well as the design of new technologies so that they are socially accepted and used. Dr. Abthoff talks about "Improving Assisted and Autonomous Driving Algorithms using Big Data".

Link to the program

28. October 2017 - 

On Thursday, 26.10., The Daimler Big Data Info Days took place. NorCom was represented as an exhibitor and with two lectures at the annual in-house event.

"The interest in NorCom and DaSense was huge," says NorCom CEO. Tobias Abthoff. "Our booth was more than well-attended and the lectures formed queues in front of the room."

Dr. Tobias Abthoff talked about the possibilities of deep learning in the development of autonomous driving on the subject of "Deep Learning on Hadoop". Dr. Tilmann Piffl illuminated "DaSense 3 - Data Science in Production".

8. November 2017 - 

The NorCom project teams for EAGLE and DaSense announce the successful completion of an essential milestone: The full installation of the final customer version of both products in the companies has been completed on schedule. This means that EAGLE and DaSense are ready for a company-wide rollout for two major customers.