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Intelligent data room

An intelligent data room offers a practical search, as well as"Data Cleansing", topic-related data organization, roles & rights concept for cross-organizational cooperation, automated reporting and semantic search.



Intelligent administration and processing of documents according to all dimensions

Faster, easier, but also more secure exchange of information and collaboration between different teams and countries are two key success factors for innovation and growth. The basic building block for this is an intelligent data room that promotes cross-organizational cooperation.

A practical search requires a goal-oriented suggestion system that is not only based on search terms, but also on the area of activity of the employee and his previous searches and can assess documents according to their relevance.


In addition to a millisecond-fast search, the application offers extensive options for data structuring and analysis functions to support work with the managed documents. In addition to a search index, a big data environment is used for this, with which new insights are regularly gained from the documents via advanced analytics and machine learning and added to the index. 


Several thousand users securely access the several hundred million documents managed by the system every day and receive free-text search results in a matter of seconds. The transparency of the document content promotes collaboration and reduces costs through shorter search times for employees, as well as, for example, the recognition of duplicate orders.

Intelligent data room with DaSense

An intelligent data room with DaSense offers a practical search, as well as "data cleansing", topic-related data organization, roles & rights concept for cross-organizational cooperation, automated reporting and semantic search.

Participating apps

App Ingest.png

What sounds banal at first glance poses problems for many AI users in practice: the heterogeneous, distributed data must be made available to the AI system in a form that can be evaluated. That reliably takes over the ingest app.


Features:'Acquisition of all file types, creation date, authors, mdf ingest, preparation for full text search, deduplication, multidimensional storage, information extraction


The cleanser checks every dusty corner! Duplicates don't stand a chance. And documents whose time has expired are mercilessly proposed for deletion.

Features:Period and duplicate detection, version detection, data lifecycle management


The good old days of the typewriter - nostalgics love them, researchers fear them. No fear thanks to OCR: Scans and images are made machine-readable.


Features:Conversion of scans and handwritten documents to text,

Full text queries, processing for further analysis, OCR module: Tesseract - Open Source, developed by Google

App dashboard.png

This app is your control center: TheDashboardshows various visualizations and enables aggregated views of the data. Whether interactive evaluation or the consideration of sub-areas - the dashboard app provides central insights.

Features:visualization, index-based technologies,interactive evaluations and work with the data, combination of filters.

Your advantages with DaSense


DaSense has been in use for many years and brings an increase in efficiency of up to 100% in projects


Your individual processes can be mapped using flexible AI apps

Legally secure

DaSense follows all common legal requirements. Results of the AI are understandable.


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