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3 principles for AI projects

According to a current study by Bitkom, the vast majority of companies see artificial intelligence as an opportunity, but only 9 percent are currently actively using AI - this is only one percent more than in the previous year. The reservations are still high, but if companies observe the following three principles, nothing stands in the way of the successful use of artificial intelligence:

🔋 High availability - Especially with a DMS and approaches from New Work, access can happen from anywhere and at any time. Therefore, the artificial intelligence must be available at all times and work on automated processes.

🔐 Safety Engineering - Maintenance and adjustments should only be made by experts or qualified personnel. Tiny changes can have a big impact on AI performance and efficiency.

🗜 Precise interfaces - Individual software solutions - apps - must be implemented for each company. All devices, machines, etc. are integrated here and the AI ​​takes over analysis, monitoring and adjustment functions. The entire infrastructure is included.

👉 If these three points are guaranteed, nothing stands in the way of efficient and safe use of the AI.


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