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AI for legal work processes

What distinguishes legal work processes from other activities in the company?

Basically, in many companies there is lively communication with standardized forms.

📑 In legal processes, legal passages, paragraphs etc. also apply. This is an optimal use case for AI, because it creates an ideal environment for intelligent learning processes.

📑 The AI ​​uses learned keywords to support lawyers in their everyday work, for example when searching for comparable case files or an overview of a client's legal disputes.

📑 A search function with added value and precise results is created. Especially when preparing for an upcoming legal dispute, this can bring a time and information advantage.

👉 Huge databases can be browsed in a few seconds and in the end only the relevant documents are available for viewing. Intelligent process optimization at the highest level.

How much time do you spend every day searching for suitable case files? Our Legal Tech AI apps increase your overall efficiency by up to 63 percent!


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