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AI for standard wording

An artificial intelligence (AI) learns very similar to the human brain. The more often something is repeated, the more a pattern is memorized. The advantage of an AI is that it can recognize these patterns much faster and more reliably thanks to good algorithms and the power of PCs.

💬 Standard wording is therefore an optimal pattern that can be taught to an AI. This does not necessarily mean "Best regards" at the end of each e-mail, but something like "Dunning procedure notice according to §..." or "2nd reminder against company XY".

💬 This type of sample formulation can be specially taught to the AI ​​and then, for example, it links the term "reminder" directly to these text fragments.

💬 Most companies have recurring document types. The more frequently these are created, the more precisely the AI ​​learns the specific textual properties, such as expression, tonality and much more.

💡 In a search, for example, you could also sort between personal and business emails with a customer, based on the tonality.

What do you think of an intelligent search function?

Our AI software DaSense supports you with super fast and intelligent search!


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