AI for tedious routine tasks

Errors in invoices can have a big impact and lead to a lot of work - and of course angry customers. ­čśí

Accurate auditing is therefore mandatory, but does it have to be done by humans? ­čĄö

­čôŁ Humans make mistakes. It's easy to overlook things after a long day's work of tedious, undemanding routine work like checking invoices. A wrong decimal point, a misaligned line or the wrong address and the bureaucratic effort is multiplied.

­čôŁAutomation can save a lot of time and nerves here. An automatic check compares data and immediately detects small and large errors. These errors can also be corrected independently by an AI.

ÔŁŚ This not only reduces the error rate, but also the workload for your employees. They then have more time for other relevant tasks that are not so easy to automate.

Do you know that ÔÇô multiple additional work due to incorrect invoices? With the AI ÔÇőÔÇőin DaSense, tedious routine tasks can be automated.


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