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AI saves time and money

Time and manpower are two resources that companies prefer to use efficiently. Long search times are among the most inefficient business processes and require a lot of manpower. Automated processes help here to work on both levers.

🤖 If the manual search is unavoidable, it should at least work quickly and accurately. Employees then only enter parameters for the search and the AI ​​does the rest.

🤖 It usually only takes a few seconds to find all the results and the employees can then take on really important tasks. Frequent searches also lead to better and more accurate results.

🤖 You can take over the training phase yourself in your company or simply leave it to us and get a "ready" AI. If you want to work cost-efficiently today, there is hardly a better and easier adaptation than an AI-supported search in DMS systems, the type of DMS is irrelevant.

Would you like to save your employees time? DaSense integrates a search in milliseconds and intelligent filter options.


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