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Annual Report 2021 online

Our Annual Report 2021 is online!

Key figures:

  • The sales revenues achieved fell by 5.47% and amounted to kEUR 9,552 in the group (previous year: kEUR 10,105).

  • The NorCom Group generated earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of kEUR -328 (previous year: kEUR -204) for the 2021 financial year. The negative EBIT margin (-3.43%) shows a decrease compared to last year (-2.02%). This is mainly due to the weaker development of the operating business with a relatively stable block of overhead costs.

  • Development costs were capitalized in the amount of kEUR 467 (previous year: capitalization of kEUR 406)

  • The gross profit is kEUR 4,493 (previous year: kEUR 4,693). At 47.04%, the gross profit margin is slightly above the previous year‘s value (previous year: 46.45%) due to the overall lower costs.

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