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Federal Employment Agency awards new contract to NorCom and extends existing contracts

In 2019, NorCom was awarded four lots for the "IT service production" framework contract from the Federal Employment Agency (see ad hoc announcements of December 18, 2019, and December 20, 2019). These contracts have now been extended by one year. They will run until the end of 2023. The project will then be put out to tender again.

NorCom also takes over managed service

As part of the lots, NorCom is working on the topics of infrastructure/DB/middleware services, procedural services, security and workplace services. NorCom was also able to win a new order in the process service area: NorCom is also taking on the managed service for operating the business intelligence platform. This order will also run until the end of 2023, and the scope is in the mid-six-digit range.

NorCom thus operates one of the largest data warehouse and business intelligence platforms in Europe and is responsible, among other things, for providing statistics, such as unemployment statistics. The creation of controlling reports, which lead directly to the control of business processes in the federal agency, also fall within the area of ​​activity.

"We are pleased that the Federal Agency has awarded this new order to NorCom and that NorCom is thus continuing to be intensively involved in driving forward digitization in the authorities," says Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Managing Director at NorCom. "The projects are interesting for us because of their sheer size: There is almost no comparable authority in Germany that works with such a large amount of data - which is also particularly confidential. An additional challenge is that the customer environment is part of the so-called "Critical Infrastructure of the Federal Republic of Germany", which leads to the highest requirements in terms of availability and data security and protection."

Use of AI in previous lots

In the existing lots, NorCom will continue with the previous tasks and thus cover a wide range of IT services. The focus here is on the further development of the middleware and operating platforms, also using methods of artificial intelligence.

For example, NorCom ensures that the federal agency's infrastructure is optimally designed for processing large amounts of data. NorCom optimizes and takes care of database architectures, private cloud infrastructures as well as all hardware and the data center. The focus is also on creating framework conditions for maximum safety standards and implementing them. NorCom's service is rounded off with responsibility for smooth processes at every workplace.


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