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Good filters save time

Maybe it's only a few seconds that your employees need to search for documents, maybe it's a little more. However, if you add up the working time that inadequate filter methods entail, it can quickly add up to a long period of time.

🔎 Especially in large administrations with millions of documents, keyword searches and the usual filters often lead to many unnecessary results, although you only need very specific information.

🔎 We would like to help you to save this valuable working time. With a trained AI and semantic search functions within documents, you get a better overview and also helpful information on individual documents.

💡 For example, you can classify feedback as positive, negative or neutral and pass it on to the appropriate employees without having read the feedback beforehand.

Thanks to intelligent sorting criteria, you increase the efficiency of the searches and thus save valuable resources that you can use more sensibly elsewhere.


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