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International law firm relies on DaSense

NorCom Information Technology GmbH & Co. KGaA has started working with a major international law firm.

The customer has a strong focus on the digitization of legal processes and the use of legal tech software and wants to position itself as a market leader in this area. In the search for suitable AI software for the implementation of this goal, DaSense was able to convince all along the line after intensive research and practical tests in various use cases.

DaSense prevails over competing products

There are already some providers who have specialized in the automation and digitization of legal processes. However, DaSense was able to convince with three advantages compared to other products on the market:

On the one hand, the artificial intelligence (AI) in DaSense provides comprehensible results that the user can check, optimize, and edit. There is an active cooperation between humans and artificial intelligence. On the other hand, the platform concept of DaSense was convincing. DaSense is a central platform for all users in the company and thus ensures more knowledge, time and cost savings and an increase in quality at work.

Another point is the individual expandability of DaSense through the AI ​​apps, which can be adapted to specific use cases and thus reflect the unique knowledge of the law firm.

The law firm is largely responsible for creating the AI ​​apps that map the technical, legal process itself.

Marketing partnership for DaSense

The use of the resulting AI apps is not restricted within the office, rather these specialist AI apps can also be marketed as independent products.

"For us, this success is a breakthrough in the legal tech market," comments Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Managing Director of NorCom. "The fact that one of the world's most renowned law firms has decided on a strategic partnership with us shows us the performance and adaptability of our platform for a wide variety of industries."


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