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More efficiency with AI

Not least because of Hollywood, the idea of ​​artificial intelligence became either utopia or dystopia. The reality, however, is very different from what most people imagine.

🦊 Creating an AI requires a lot of effort for programmers and testers. It will therefore - at least in the foreseeable future - not have any skills that humans do not have - only it uses them much faster and more efficiently.

🦊 However, a learning process is necessary for this. Humans learn through repetition and an AI follows the same path. The more patterns that can be identified in a procedure or process, the faster the AI ​​works without errors.

🦊 So the more input the AI ​​receives, the more processes it can automate. These are always tasks that fall into the category 'assembly line work'. If people work on this work over a longer period of time, the susceptibility to errors is higher because the concentration decreases. An AI remains constantly attentive here.

💡 Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more valuable with growing technological possibilities.


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