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New Apps online: Ingest-App and Extract-App

We regularly add new apps that our customers are using successfully to our apps page. Today we want to introduce you to the Sentiment App and the Language App.


What sounds banal at first glance poses problems for many AI users in practice: the heterogeneous, distributed data must be made available to the AI system in a form that can be evaluated. Ingest-App reliably takes care of this.

Functions: Recording of all file types, creation date, authors, mdf ingest, preparation for full-text search, deduplication, multidimensional filing, information extraction


The Extract-App trawls through documents for pre-defined information. If you don't have time to search hundreds of pages for a small but relevant number in the third to last paragraph, leave it to this app.

Functions: annotation, named entity recognition, implementation of rules, aggregation of information, for example in tables and dashboards.


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