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NorCom expands DaSense Analytics installation at major automotive customer

NorCom Information Technology GmbH & Co. KGaA is expanding its DaSense Analytics installation at a large automobile manufacturer. DaSense Analytics is currently used in the customer's development department in the broad field of root cause analysis. A few apps have already been created here in the past, which are now to be used in other departments.

DaSense Analytics in vehicle development

Root cause analysis is an important element in vehicle development. The aim is to be able to systematically avoid a problem that occurs in the future by analyzing the causes, instead of solving it afterwards. The results of the root cause analysis also provide important information in order to determine the underlying causes of errors and to be able to rectify them in a cost-efficient and customer-friendly manner.

In the previous cooperation with the customer, several apps have already been created that can be used to run jobs in various areas of root cause analysis. One of the apps provides information about dependencies between error codes that occur. Another monitors the success of repair measures. An app also makes predictions about the likely occurrence of certain error codes.

New user groups at the customer

By packaging the analytics queries in apps, non-technical users can also perform these jobs. No programming knowledge is required - the parameters for the respective job are entered via a simple input mask. The apps can now be made accessible to an extended group of users, such as mechanics or application departments.

A few smaller features have been added for new users that make DaSense Analytics more accessible: a tidy interface design, info pages about the apps, explanations about the components and an "app assistant" that makes recommendations.

“We are pleased about the interest in DaSense Analytics from the other departments. It's nice to see the growing acceptance," comments Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Managing Director at NorCom, expanded the installation. “The desire to use artificial intelligence in a targeted manner is growing. With DaSense, we offer a solution that is easy to use and tailored to the respective work goals and thus delivers real added value. Users are happy to use DaSense because it helps solve central problems.”


In a next step, in addition to DaSense Analytics, the document management from DaSense shall also be used.


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