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NorCom impresses with DaSense COS at the Fujitsu Annual Conference on Digital Management

As a partner of Fujitsu, NorCom met a high-ranking audience from the public sector at the annual conference on digital administration. The event focused on the topic of “sustainability” – to which, among other things, the key technology artificial intelligence (AI) can contribute. As part of the specialist exhibition, NorCom showed specific use cases of AI in the public sector and presented the DaSense Community Open Source (DaSense COS) solution to more than 100 C-level visitors.

AI in German authorities on the rise

At the event on April 26th and 27th, high-ranking representatives of ministries informed themselves about the possibilities of new technology in public administration. AI was the focus of interest and NorCom received a lot of attention with the AI ​​platform DaSense COS.

The event also offered a very good opportunity to deepen the partnership with Fujitsu and to define concrete next steps together. "We were very pleased to reach the top management level at Fujitsu with the topic and to expand the partnership on this important topic," summarizes Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Managing Director of NorCom. “Artificial intelligence is a top-level strategic topic for customers and partners. We look forward to further cooperation.”

About DaSense COS

With DaSense COS, German authorities receive the source code of the artificial intelligence (AI) platform DaSense free of charge - and continue to develop it independently.

All data from an authority is bundled on DaSense and made available for artificial intelligence applications. Specific specialist know-how can be mapped to DaSense using any number of AI apps.

Authorities thus create their own intellectual property and retain sovereignty over the data.

Individual applications and further developments can be shared with the community to mutually benefit from the knowledge gained. In this way, the digitization of the German administration is progressing cooperatively.


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