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Our KI-Construction Kit

What can an AI do and how does it fit into your company or administration?

🏛 Our AI platform DaSense can be compared to a construction kit. The AI ​​platform is the subsoil on which the individual stones are built. It is the core of all apps implemented in the custom development process.

🏛 But we don't just build the stones on top of each other so that a beautiful overall work is created. Over time, we also carry out renovation and maintenance work - with updates and further developments.

👉 Whether you need the AI ​​for a small task or whether you want it to take over entire processes independently, that's your decision. Adjustments can of course also be made by our experts afterwards. According to your requirements.

We are happy to help you find out which solutions suit you and how many processes can be (partially) taken over by the AI.

Do you need support in automating processes? We will help you!


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