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Search DMS

There are document management systems (DMS) in many companies, especially with large administrative apparatuses. Such a system provides convenient support for the digital creation, processing and management of documents. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) makes a DMS even more valuable for daily work - for example through an intelligent search:

📄 Usually one employee works on recurring cases - AI provides existing best practices, text modules and examples in the system that he can use as a guide.

📄 The employee can also find groups of documents (e.g. all invoices for a customer or all invoices for certain products) quickly and reliably with an AI.

How does this work?

🤖 The AI ​​learns with every entry in a document and can be specifically trained for certain keywords or text excerpts.

🤖 Patterns are the best learning technique for artificial intelligence.

🤖 If the employee searches for one of these patterns, all matching documents are shown as a preselection. Of course, you can also enter several parameters to specify the search, for example "Performance record 2020 Heinrich".

Do you often find it time-consuming to search for documents? DaSense supports you with super fast and intelligent search!


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