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Sentiment analysis with AI

The mood in which a text is written can have a huge impact on its effect. A legal text will be written in a rather sober / neutral way, whereas advertising texts give a largely positive mood picture. What can it be used for❓

📜 On the one hand, texts can be easily separated from each other. With a large amount of correspondence on different topics, the wheat can be separated from the chaff - a polite inquiry or a formal request are two types of text that can be easily distinguished.

📜 So it can be a search criterion or make a preselection. In a few seconds you can have a text analyzed and know whether it is positive, negative or neutral. This can be a help, especially with scientific, political and other complicated texts.

💡 The mood analysis does not provide any information about the content, but an evaluation of the spelling and tonality. This shows directly the alignment of the core statement and intention of the letter.


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