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Technology trends 2022

Futurist Bernard Marr predicts technology trends that will shape the coming months:

1. Increased computing power

2. Smarter devices

3. Higher performance through quantum computing

4. More data available

5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning make it fifth on his list. Among other things, he predicts "low code" or "no code" as a big trend this year: AIs will be created using drag-and-drop, so that anyone can develop applications, even without programming knowledge.

NorCom is also noticing a change among customers: More and more often, AI projects are not just the proof of concept – the PoC is followed by concrete AI apps that productively support everyday work. The areas of application for AI are also becoming more diverse and even departments with little affinity for technology are opening up to the possibilities of AI. NorCom has not yet reached "No Code" - with the AI ​​app development kit, however, NorCom is providing customers with a tool that specialist departments can use to implement their own apps.

Source: Forbes


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