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The advantages of BERT

Why should you use BERT? What advantages does it bring you?

💬 Language is a complex construct. Everyone speaks a little differently and this is of course also reflected in the written language. Some formulations are standard, for example the salutation in business letters or the goodbye in private letters. Other formulations are again very individual.

💬 No matter how complex it gets, BERT recognizes a pattern here and can use it, for example, to easily find and sort similar letters for you. This is particularly helpful when you request a collection of specific documents. Keywords are not always sufficient or even lead to too many results.

💬 BERT can not only filter out the different customers or different concerns of the documents, it also recognizes the sender very precisely, through an individual writing style that everyone has internalized.

💬 Far more than a search function and very efficient. BERT saves time, money and nerves. The bigger the task, the more suitable it is.

Could you use an assistant like that? The functionalities of BERT are integrated in DaSense.


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