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The potential of AI

Artificial intelligence is still new territory for many companies and administrations and the question often arises as to whether the investment is worthwhile. The business consultancy PwC conducted a study on the current and future influence of AI. (more here: 📈 By 2030, the gross domestic product in Germany is expected to increase by more than 11% due to the use of AI solutions alone. That would correspond to a sum that exceeds 400 billion euros. Globally, an increase of 14% is even expected. So the potential is there. Why does artificial intelligence have such innovative and economic power❓ 📈 We are increasingly heading towards an individual market. Companies improve the quality of their products by tailoring them to customer needs. AI also enables quick and easy communication in customer contact, for example with the help of chatbots. 👉 Especially for administrations, the great benefit lies in the automation of recurring processes. If the employees are relieved of such processes, they can take care of more qualified tasks. What possible uses do you see for artificial intelligence in your company? Check out our apps for inspiration!


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