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RDE - Real Driving Emissions Test

The task

The term "emissions in practical driving", also known as Real Driving Emissions (RDE), describes the real exhaust emission behavior of cars, trucks and buses in everyday use. As part of tests, the exhaust emissions are to be checked in various situations under certain environmental conditions (temperature, speed, terrain, etc.).


The challenge

The difficulty in evaluating the data lies in the sheer size of the data records, which should also be correlated in an agile manner.


our solution

With DaSense, we have parallelized the analyzes here in order to enable the customer to scale the analyzes. In addition, we have developed our own app to simplify the replication of the analysis with changing parameters.


The customer benefit

Analysis results are available shortly after the test drive, so test drives can be repeated promptly and test series can be carried out more cost-effectively. For the first time, thanks to big data, the data can also be evaluated across a range of tests and used for data-driven vehicle development. The cloud-based provision of the solution simplifies its use at different locations.


Our role

Support of the customer by data scientists and data engineers

Our activities

  • Setting up a big data / Hadoop environment in the cloud

  • Set up big data workflows to convert data

  • Creation and production of measurement data analyzes

Technologies & methods

  • Applications: DaSense

  • Databases: MF4, Parquet

  • Languages / frameworks: Python (Anaconda Stack), Hadoop / Google Cloud, Spark

  • Methods: time series analysis

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