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Check invoices of any size for correctness and compliance. DaSense carries out a content quality control and points out discrepancies.

The task

Invoices must be checked for consistency and abnormalities such as double bills must be made visible. As a complex manual process, this should be automated to the greatest possible extent; through the use of advanced analytics, even rare and complex abnormalities should be easy to find.


The challenge

Invoices were available in scanned form with different scan quality, the number of pages and order were variable, the information contained therein was both structured (tables) and unstructured (free text), both with strong structural variations.

our solution

We created a pipeline consisting of OCR, table recognition and information extraction. An integral part of the pipeline was an automatic evaluation of the quality of the extraction results with the possibility of controlled optimization. Invoices were merged through the detection of close duplicates and duplicate entries and other anomalies were made visible using advanced analytics. A scalable architecture makes the functionality of the pipeline visible even on large data and enables the analysis of statistical anomalies.

The customer benefit

Thanks to automation, only a few invoices need to be checked manually, which leads to significant time and cost savings. The detection rate of abnormalities is significantly increased thanks to advanced analytics.

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