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Products and know-how

8th Symposium on Development Methodology, November 2019

Lecture "Fast analyzes of worldwide distributed data in continuous operation"

Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Dankmar Boja

ATZ, October 2019

Gain valuable insights with big data analytics

Article by Dr. Sandi Pohorec (AVL), Dipl.-Ing. Philippe Fank (NorCom), Dr. Christian El Salloum (AVL)

ATZ, October 2018

"Endurance tests: analyzing big data in a more agile way in globally distributed tests"

Article by Dr. Andreas Pawlik, Dr. Thomas Bonfert, Dr. Ludwig Oser

ATZ, October 2016

"Big Data Technologies in Vehicle Development"

Article by Dr. Tobias Abthoff

MTZ, December 2016

"Interactive Big Data Analytics in Engine Development"

Article by Dr. Tobias Abthoff

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