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Development of the certification infrastructure (PKI) and processes

Schlüssel im Schloss

The task

The customer's digital business processes require continuous confidentiality, integrity and availability of all data and applications. Certificates play a key role in the truest sense of the word. We had the task of supporting the customer in planning and setting up the processes and environments for creating and maintaining certificates (public key infrastructure PKI) in order to enable digital business processes.

The challenge

The challenge for this customer is, due to the processing of social data, the highest demands on the security, availability and integrity of the PKI. The aim was to design a PKI that can be certified according to the highest requirements.

our solution

Highly qualified NorCom consultants developed and planned the environment for our customer's new PKI.

The roles, processes and regulations for operating the PKI have also been defined, particularly with regard to the certification sought. Concepts were written for all relevant aspects of the operation of a PKI (high availability, monitoring, backup, recovery, access security / logging, network / firewall ...). Due to the high requirements, special variants of the operating processes (e.g. release management) were necessary in order to comply with the highest requirements (dual control principle, personal release of the software by the department head, etc.) and to guarantee a guaranteed software version in the sensitive environment for certificate management to guarantee.

The customer benefit

We enable the customer to set up and operate a certification body according to the highest standards and have created the prerequisites for a corresponding audit. The customer can only fulfill his legal mandate with such a complex PKI.

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