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AI for text analysis

Reading through pages of documents and emails is tiring and exhausting. When searching for facts or information, however, this cannot always be avoided. How can AI help here? 📜 The text and sentiment analysis does not reflect the content, but it can make a pre-selection that significantly reduces the search time. Business documents, for example, are usually written neutrally. The AI ​​recognizes a neutral tonality and sorts out all other texts directly. 📜 When collecting information or compiling files, this can save a large amount of time and your employees can concentrate on their core competencies, for example preparing meetings with customers and clients. 💡 The AI ​​reads between the lines, just like humans do. This automates a large number of processes and increases administrative efficiency. Why should you leave the 'simple' tasks to your employees? We would be happy to help you with process optimization in your administration!


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