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Everything revolves around information.

No matter what technological advances you look at, information gathering has always been at the beginning. Only the amount of information that can be generated in a short period of time has changed - extremely multiplied.

🤖 IIoT collects huge amounts of data and evaluates them using AI. All sensors and other IoT devices are taken into account in order to work with the highest possible precision.

The advantages are... the current inventory, which indicates anomalies and thus provides maintenance personnel with crucial information. a forecast that predicts a realistic maintenance time. a longer lifespan of the systems, as small problems do not gradually increase.

📌 In everyday life, IIoT simplifies the work of the maintenance crew - through better planning and real-time monitoring of the visualized data. In addition, efficient evaluations save resources and avoid downtime.

Where do you see the biggest challenges in machine maintenance?


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