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AI in everyday life

Is AI really on the rise or is it just a vision?

💡 A good algorithm is not the same as an AI, but you can still see in more and more areas of everyday life that advanced AI applications are integrated into our lives.

🌐 If you look at the search functions and sorting of posts in social media alone, then there are advanced algorithms behind them that get to know each individual user and recommend special advertising or other posts.

💬 Voice assistants are a good example of intelligent (smart) systems. Even if the voice input is only imprecisely recognized or is not 100% correct, the voice assistant has a good chance of understanding the user's request. It basically reads between the lines and infers the correct input from the context.

👉 The areas of application in everyday life and in companies are extensive. There is hardly an area in which an AI could not automate anything.

❕ The AI ​​is certainly not a marginal phenomenon. It already supports many millions - even billions - of users every day!


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